Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 16 2013

This week we taught barely any lessons. Elder Vasquez got a stomach in fection and we spent tuesday to friday in the hospital and then all weekend he still had major stomach pains and almost fainted sunday morning, then I think he went unconscious on his bed beause I tried waking him up by calling his name and moving his arms and stuff but he didnt move or respond at all for a minute or so. Today we are going back to the clinic to see his doctor. I'm nervous that we will have to stay in the hospital again but we'll see. I gav e a blessing of health to him and want him to get better cause we havent been able to do anything pretty much this last week and a half. The branch president visited us in the apartment a few times to check up on us but we couldnt  do any intercambios with priesthood holders in the branch because there are only 3 men that could help us, and two always work so we were stuck  in the room and couldnt get work done.
On a brighter note, today we had a zone activity in Catacous, a district in Piura, where a lot of tourists go to buy stuff and I bought a pretty sweet gorro, I am trying to send pictures from today but I cant access them on the computer for some  reason, I can only access the pictures I downloaded from dropbox, but I stilll have the pictures on my camera. The workers at a restauraunt called me the caballero, everyone else thinks I look like Indiana Jones or Levi Savage from 17 miracles hahaha. 
Oh and I think my spanish finally "clicked" because I can actually talk mostly fluently and understand people.  I noticed that I talk better than a few elders who have been out for 9 months so I feel better. I can't believe I already have 5 months down!
Oh and on saturday I will be playing Papá Noel *malo in the Christmas Program with 3 zones. I hope I can send a video of this act or whatever y ou call it. It´s gonna be great.
Thats about all for this week!

Elder Evans, Paul
*Note from the mother: I asked Jim what malo meant and he said, "badly."

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