Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec 23 2013

Hey everyone, this last week has been very interesting, full of different experiences. Because my compenion Elder Vasquez is still sick he couldn´t work so we had splits, Elder Melo, serving in Chulucanas, came to moropon with me to get some work done since we haven`t been able to do anything for almost 2 weeks. the two days that Elder melo was here we got so much work done in such a short time. It was great. We still couldn´t visit everyone I wanted to but we had the two must succesful consecutive days I can remember. But were also a little unfortunate to walk past a group of people in the street trying to get their pigs to mate.
On saturday we had a blast at the christmas program with three other zones so I got to see my trainer and talk to him and also my companion in the ccm so I saw all my previous companions there. A few missionaries shared their christmas traditions, one of my zone leaders bore his testimony because he goes home next week. President and Hermana Rowley played a duet on the piano but I dont remember which christmas hymn or song it was. Then the different zones did different acts. I was Papá Noél malo and tried to get Elder Villena (he`s in a picture with me and good santa) to wish for material things and the good santa convinced him to change his mind to wish for 2 angels to be sent to his house to help fix their family relationship and introduce a gift that will last for eternity, the 2 angels were missionaries and the missionaries said santa is always happy cause he is mormon. Anyway, it was very chistoso (funny-joking).
On a brghter note I remembered that we have been promised by Elder Ucéda de la setenta (the president of this area in the 70) that if we work with the less actives we will find new investigators through them. Until now I haven't witnessed the fulfillment of that promise but when Elder Melo came to Morropon with me we visited  a few less actives and two of them had friends or family there when we taught them and now we have two new investigators and finally witnessed the promise starting to be fulfilled in Morropon. 
Espero que todos tengan una feliz navidad y lea la historia de la vida de Jesucristo en Lucas 2 o en Mosíah 3 o en otras pasajes de las escrituras. ¨Todos tendrán un espíritu de la navidad si tiene el espíritu de Cristo.¨ (dijo un apóstol, no recuerdo cual)

Les amo mucho!!

Elder Evans

Some elders (Elder Paul is on the left) and their pretty sweet gorros

Papa Noel (the good guy) and Papa Noel Malo (Bad Santa)

fighting over Elder Villena (Elder Paul reminds me of one of the Soggy Bottom Boys, the one played by John Turturro, as they are singing onstage at the political rally)

Elder Paul and the mission president and his wife

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  1. Merry Christmas Paul! You are doing what you are supposed to be doing. We are very proud of you!