Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec 9 2013

Email to Dad:
All the homesickness went away out of nowhere this week. I still think about home at night but not in a distracting, longingly way like before. I can't believe its already been a year since I left BYU. I feel like I was there a month ago. My knee is still having its on and off days. some days it hurts or is realy uncomfortable and others its perfect. I just hope the 19 months left will continue helping it (i think its still improving because i dont need to wear any braces or the cloth sleeve anymore) because I still am going to try my hardest to make it on the byu track team, I miss running a ton. Anyway, I'm currently acting as 1st counselor to the branch president right now and i was going to conduct the meeting yesterday but my companion was sick so we were pretty late. I only jsut started this week so Im excited to conduct this sunday if possible. I gotta go now!
Love, Elder Evans! 

Email to Mom:
Hey mom! Yeah this week was way better! We were able to visit a lot more people and we're still working hard with a few teenagers to get them ready for their baptisms. Although two of the three have problems with getting permission from their parents. They both have moms that don't want them to get baptized so that makes it difficult. Wow that must be pretty hard for Grandma, I can't imagine all those things happening at once. Though Chipotle sounds really good right now since their is no such thing as fast food or anything like it here. In piura there is a big store sort of like walmart called Tottus but it's no where near as good as walmart or target. But 2 hours away here in morropon we just go to tiny little stores (inside people's tiny homes) to buy pasta and snacks and ramen and fruit and stuff like that. There is a big market in the plaza where they sell a ton of mangos and grapes and other fruit, the apples arent very good here though.
Elder Vaszquez got sick again on Saturday. He's 3 for 3 on getting sick on the weekends he has had in the field. He had a 101 degree fareinheit temperature and today we are going to a clinic in Piura to find out if he has anything bad. He needs to take blood tests and I'll be there to watch it...I'm excited to see those needles haha. Since nobody could go on splits with us we had a lot aof time to talk in the room and get to know each other more. My spanish is getting much better being the companero mayor nad talking so much with elder Vasquez. I thought a lot about my old running days and with my knee still hurting (though better because I dont use the braces or anything) I worry that I won't be able to run like I did before. Which brings me to my question. I figured out how to copy the fotos from dropbox onto my memory card (not all the fotos show up on my camera when i insert the card but they all show up when i put it in the computer or a dvd player) and was wondering if you could upload a few of my best running fotos from track and CC into dropbox, like from Minnetonka or PL or my section True team meet in Apple valley and st thomas. Also a foto of the house with all the snow and lights or something, may people here ask what christmas is like in the states so id like to show them. I think thats a lot easier, and cheaper, than sending fotos huh? :P Thanks a ton!!! I'll be sending another email fro the blog but it won't be very big, not a whole lot happened.
Love, Elder Paul

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