Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aug 4 2014

Hey everyone, hope everyone had a great week! I've been getting to know my new area and ward San Pedro. There are 4 missionaries in the ward. It's the same 4 of us in my district. It is very small and a little borning compared to my district in Puyango with 8 missionaries haha. I got to this new area and we only have 2 or 3 inestigators right now so it's a little rough. We work a ton with the recent converts and a little with some less actives but we need to focus a lot this week in finding new investigators because we only have 2 or 3. My companion Elder Encarnacion and I are pretty good friends. We get along great and are working hard. 
The ward is way cool. About 120 people attended church on sunday and the bishop invited me and the other new missionary in the ward to give our testimonies. Our ward mission leader Hno. Victor is super cool. And he cooks really well. He also cooks our lunch every day. Today in fact we ate home made macaroni and cheese and it was super good!! It wasn't made the same as it is at home so it was different but it made me feel more at home haha. I'm excited to keep getting to know the members more and more. I always feel a little awkward the first few weeks in a new area (especially when it's just my second time changing area). The members are great, super friendly. The day after geting here (tuesday) a young man left to go on the mission to lima. He left like 2 weeks after I finished my year mark in the mission. It made me remember when I left a year back. I never got to know him very well but wished him 'Take luck¨ haha no not really, but I did tell him to work hard and enjoy the mission.
Oh, and one of the returned missionaries here served in Chile and was the zone leader of David Archaleda once, I thought that was pretty cool. One other member asked me to play piano for a young mens and young womens choir performance in a month or so. I just said I'd do what I can to learn the music but I didn't promise anything yet because I dont know when I'll find time to go practice.
Anyway, love you all and I hope you all have a great week!!

Elder EVans

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