Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25 2014

I'm starting to love my ward more and more. Although one bad thing is that it people here spread rumors like no one's business. I feel like there are some members that are at the throats of others.Anyway, this week was alright. We gave service and replanted a tree that had fallen. We found a family that had listened to the missionaries beforehand and had gone to church for a time and they have family that are members in another part of Piura. We set an appointment for Saturyday but they weren't there so I hope this week we find them.
One time a little girl and boy called my companion and I  from the street to teach them english a little bit so we set an appointment, and the next day we went. I taught english and helped them a bit with their homework and taught them how to do it. And we taught a part of the restauration and they were super happy and felt the spirit, the mom even cried a bit. We have another appointment tomorrow. They would have gone to church on sunday but one of the kids got a fever and they couldn't go. The mom said that the next sunday for sure. So we'll see how it goes. 
We had interviews this week with President Rowley, and everything went awesome. He's an awesome guy and we had a great conversation about Alma 37 because he asked all the missionaries to read 36 and 37. I love the verse 12 that says something like this: "He leads all his works with wisdom, and His ways are righteous..." and also in verse 44-47. In 46 Alma says "The way is prepared, and if we wish to look, we can live forever." We just gotta look toward the Temple and stay on the path and we will live forever with our Heavenly Father. 
Ha thats awesome that you got to see animals being born, but it wasn't gross or anything?? And yes I have met a few very squirelly kids in the mission. The daughter of one sister in Puyango always tried grabbing me by the leg and sitting on my foot so that I can't leave. Her mom and even some of the young men would try helping me to get her off. Sometimes my companion and I left the chapel running with  other elders so we could get away from that child ha. 
That's awesome that Morgan and Maddie played a duet.  It must have been great. Oh and tell Aunt Jen the next time you see her thanks for the letter she sent with Grandma's, I just got it this week. And that I wish Morgan the best success possible in her mission!
This week I found out that here there are also people on motorcycles that give taxi services. The person just hops on the back and the driver takes them to their destination! I thought it was a little weird when I first found out.
I hope everyone has a great week! Im guessing that all the teenagers and kids are getting ready for school again! How fast the time flies!

Love ya!!!

Elder Evans


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