Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15 2014

This week was pretty sweet. We are teaching the Fernandez family and they are the best. Three of the kids are recent converts and the dad is returning to the church and the mom Maria is an investigator. They all went to church on sunday but the parents left early because they had something to do. We taught them the restoration and about the Book of Mormon this week and it was pretty sweet. The sisters in the other ward Ramon Castilla that attend church in the same chapel had two baptisms this week and that was really cool. There we missionaries and returned missionaries of the ward sang a musical number (regocijad, Jesus naciĆ³).
On Sunday we had a spacial conference with the ward councils of the 3 stakes of Piura and the Paita stake where Elder Uceda of the first quorom of the 70 addressed us and talked about the changes we are making in the area to improve the retention of the converts. He said that in this area of 5 countries we baptize one person every 15 minutes; however, of 100 people baptized, only 17 remain active (the statistics of the area). So we have a lot work to do to improve the retention. Elder Uceda taught us a ton and once translated for President Hinkley in Ecuador. In the conference I got to see and talk to people from Morropon my first area, and San Pedro where I just was 2 weeks ago.
On Friday, we had a stake talent show and we the missionaries sang a bunch of christmas hymns and showed two videos (He is the Gift, and Because of Him) and read scriptures. I directed the choir and Elder Eddington played piano. Later we did a theater act. I was the main character. I was a hard working missionary with 23 months with a family about to be baptized for christmas and recieved my dear john letter and I turned all trunky and refused to work. My 'ex' was going to get married on christmas as well so that helped haha. Then three fairies (think of the christmas carol) in the nighttime showed me the past, present, and future. And I changed my attitude for the christmas time and finished strong and baptized the family. President Rowley was there with his wife and loved it. He told me at the end that he thought he had gotten to know me in my 17 months here but he had never met the me he saw acting in the play haha. He said it laughing. One missionary has it recorded I think so I'll try to obtain a copy.
And today we played monopoly listening to christmas music with my district (Sister Martinez from Argentina, Sister Vasquez from California, Eder Rodriguez from Lima, Elder Eddington from Utah, Elder Mauricio my companion from Lima, and me.) And then ate in KFC. It was a good pday.

Anyway, enough for this week. Love you all, and have a great week!

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  1. Directing choirs! Acting in plays! Who is this???