Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 22 2014

The time is flying by, it's crazy. I feel like I just got hwere to my new ward but Ive got almost a month. Anyway, i'm sorry i have very little time to write. This week Sister maria, an investigator who's husband and kids are members went to church on sunday for the whole time and she was super happy it looked like. We were going to invite her to be baptized on sunday after the meeting but she and her family and left the house so we will do it this week hopefully. Everything is going great. Today we went to Sechura as a district and went to the beach and explored some ruins or something that was pretty cool. I took pictures but I forgot to send them. I will next week.
Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!  Here we will visit members just for 10 to 15  minutes to give a lesson about Christ and visit as many members as possible. Then in the evening, as a district, we'll go caroling and then each companionship is in charge of making a desert to eat to finish the day. 
Love you guys!!! Merry Christmas!!!   

Elder Evans

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