Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8 2014

Hey everybody, this week was pretty sweet. It's been hard getting used to a new area when neither you or your companion know the people or where to go but we have had a decently successful week finding members' houses, the investigtores, and the less actives and new converts that are in our ward. We are the only missionaries in the ward and we have received help from a few of the members throughout the week. We live right outside the airport so we constantly hear airplanes coming in and leaving piura. Elder Mauricio is my companion. One of my trainer's best friends, from the same ward in Lima. He has 13 months so we've been working super hard this week and are getting along great. We play soccer about 3 times a week at 6 in the morning with 6 other missionaries from the San Bernardo ward, Los Pinos, and Ignacio Merino wards. I have been learning pretty well how to play.
The ward is awesome. The high priest group leader is super funny and called us from the street one time (we were looking a little lost) and we got to know him and more than anything we are trying to gain the trust of the members. This week we have plans to teach with members to be able to extend friendships to the investigatores that haven't yet gone to tthe church. Next sunday, Elder Uceda from the quorom of the 70 (area president here) will visit the mission and the members to train us about ward councils.
Today we gave service from 8am to 1pm cleaning up streets in Piura with the Castilla stake. Today is a holiday and all the missionaries in the city of Piura helped the 3 stakes that are here in Piura with the service project. It was pretty cool.
Anywyay, love you all. Have a great week!!

Elder Evans

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